A new beginning

After a break of a few years, I have decided to plunge back into the dangerous waters of board game publishing with a new company, Wallace Designs. The first game to be released will be Runestones which is a fantasy wargame for two to six players. A hackneyed theme but one which will feel a little fresher due to the presentation. I wanted to design a game with a reduced range of components that still has good depth of play. In Runestones most of the components are domino style-tiles. The maps will be printed on cloth and the whole game will come in a cloth bag. Perfect for taking on holiday when you want something meatier than Bananagrams!

I’m hoping to have the game up on Kickstarter this November. As the game will have a high production cost I’m intending only to sell direct to the public and shops via the Kickstater campaign. This game will not be going into distribution, but there may be copies available for direct purchase at certain shows, such as Spiel. I will be posting more information on the game in the coming months. I will also be showing a
prototype of the game at the following conventions:

  • UK Games Expo
    • You can find me at the PSC booth (Plastic Soldier Company).
  • Gencon
  • Spiel 19 (Essen)
  • BGG Con

Martin Wallace