Each of the six races has their own name for the world. The Dragon Riders call it Zerx, to the Necromancers it is Dys, while the Newcomers call it Earth. Different names but the same place, and one across which the six races vie for supremacy. It was not always this way, for many centuries the then five races lived in relative peace. Then with the emergence of a new race, known as the Newcomers, war and strife took the place of concord.

Runestones is a fantasy wargame for two to six players featuring six different races, each with their own specific powers. Each of the six races in Runestones has a unique mix of units, represented by domino-style tiles. Some of these units will be unique to that race, such as the Dragons to the Dragon Riders and the Giants to the Giant Folk.

This will be the first release from Wallace Designs, with a Kickstarter campaign planned for November 2019. As the game will have a high production cost, I’m intending only to sell direct to the public and shops via the Kickstarter campaign. This game will not be going into distribution, but there may be copies available for direct purchase at certain shows, such as Spiel. I will be posting more information on the game in the coming months. I will also be showing a prototype of the game at the following conventions:

  • UK Games Expo
    • You can find me at the PSC booth (Plastic Soldier Company).
  • Gencon
  • Spiel 19 (Essen)
  • BGG Con