Following the success of our original campaign, we are back with a Reprint and Expansion for Bloodstones. We are using a new factory for this project.

There will be 2 new factions (Sand Dwellers and Mountain Kingdom)

More maps (at least 2 more, but stretch goals may mean more)

A new solo mode designed by David Turczi – including quests

The 2 new factions will also have 3 solo scenarios planned, however this expansions’ focus is on David’s solo mode.

We are planning the following addons

Tile holders – a set of 6, one for each player, in a single colour.

Army markers + army holding area – 2 in each faction colour with the holding area having room for you to put 2 armies (all 8 factions in this addon)

Update pack for returning backers – set of replacement bags + any reprinted materials (English/German) – this will be free with the expansion and a token fee if you are just wanting to pick that up.

We’d like to launch mid August assuming our other projects are running on time, but this is subject to change.