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In Steam Power you are striving to run your company more successfully than any other player. How well you do depends on fulfilling contracts, connecting to certain cities, selling all of your resources from your factories, and how much money you have at the end of the game.

On your turn you can perform two actions, which can be the same if you choose. You can build two Track tiles, build one Factory, fulfill one Contract tile, take two Contract tiles, or take $3 from the Bank.

When you build a factory on a city it will produce resources in the same colour.

You need resources to fulfill contracts. However, there may be a cost if those resources have to be taken from another player’s factory or moved along links owned by other players.

The game ends when one or more players have fulfilled a certain number of contracts, which varies depending on the number of players. You then score points from contracts, cities, factories and money left in hand.

Steam Power can be played by one to five players and should take no longer than sixty minutes to complete.

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