Upon delivery of the game, if any game component is damaged or missing, please reach out to us as we would be happy to provide a replacement.

Spare Parts Request

Please thoroughly check your product. We are more than happy to send one spare parts request per order at our cost, but as we are a small publisher, additional requests would need to be covered by you. We appreciate your understanding.

We will usually try to respond to your question within 2 days and have you actioned within 2 weeks, provided all information has been provided. If you are part of a group pledge, bought from a retailer or have many issues, this may take longer to sort out.

We have been made aware of an error for SOME users, but currently do not have a solution. If this is you, please ensure you include all of the information requested here and email info@wallacedesigns.com.au so that we can assist and we apologise for the trouble.

Please use the email you used to place the order originally.
Address – if different to your original delivery address
Address – if different to your original delivery address
If you were a Gamefound Backer or a Webstore Customer, please include your order number here. If you bought from a store or a group buy, please mark 0000 and then fill in below.

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