Casus Belli is a game of exploration, settlement and warfare in space. It can be played by one to four players.

Over a thousand years ago humanity spread to the stars, creating a massive empire. This empire grew too big and split apart into four main factions, which then led to a period of war. Conflict led to an era of darkness for humanity. Now after many years, the four factions have started to expand their areas of control again. Who knows if this will lead to a new war….

They are now expanding into an area of space that had been forgotten by these factions. Some of the worlds are already inhabited by humans, left to their own devices since the last war. They prize their independence, although they may be enticed into alliances. How each faction acts in this new area of space is determined by their prevailing ideology.

The Stellar Alliance are peaceful and seek to make alliances with any alien civilisations in the area. However, they are wary of their old enemy, the Korolan Empire, and have the power to oppose them if necessary.

The Korolan Empire despise the ways of the Stellar Alliance and look to dominate the independent civilisations with force, conjuring up a Casus Belli to justify their agression.

The Bundari League are interested in trading. They will sell you anything, even ancient alien technology that is occasionally found on some of the planets.

The Elenic Union are an older race whose empire is now in gentle decline. They are peaceful old allies with the Stellar Alliance, having fought along side them against the Korolan Empire. They are now more interested in spreading their highly developed culture.

Each faction will explore and colonise the systems in the region. In doing so they will come across ancient alien technologies. However, some of these technologies will lead to corruption.

The game starts in a period of peace. Some actions may lead to an increase in tension, which in turn may lead to war. While peace reigns factions cannot fight each other, unless they have a Casus Belli. Once war breaks out the factions will divide into alliances and major battles can occur.

The game plays over 10 rounds.

At the end of the game each faction scores differently for assets they have on the board.

Below is an example of some of the cards for the Bundari League. This art is not final.

You can follow the project on Gamefound here.