Martin Wallace is proud to announce the launch of his new company, ‘Wallace Designs’

The first release will be ‘Bloodstones’, a multi-player fantasy wargame. This be presented on Gamefound in late July. The game will only be available via the Gamefound platform and a small number of outlets. It will not be sold to distributors.

The physical presentation of ‘Bloodstones’ sets it apart from the many other games on the market, with the components being mostly plastic tiles and the maps printed on faux silk.

‘My intention is to create a game with simple components but still with deep game play’.

‘Bloodstones’ will be the first of a line of games that will explore different ways of presenting games, moving away from cards and chits to solid cast pieces. They will also be short-run speciality items.

Martin has gathered a team of associates in Australia to help him with this endeavour. The Gamefound campaign will be run by Cassie Simpson. Artwork and graphics have been produced by Leith Walton and Atticus McNaughton. Iain Anderson has created the digital videos. Cassie and Alexai Menardo have produced a TTS version and Patryk Wolowiec is developing a version for BGA.

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